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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 11, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. breaking overnight, peace prize surprise. some disappointment around the world as the young pakistani teen that took on the taliban does not win the nobel peace prize. we'll tell you who did. snowden surfaces. the first new imagines of the nsa leaker out this morning as he is honored for his role as a whistleblower. even as new questions surface over possible missed warning signs. and what does the fox say? the men behind the viral sensation that's taken the world by storm will perform it for us live on the plaza today. friday, october 11th, 2013.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie along side al roker and natalie morales. we'll answer the age old question, what does the fox say? >> and we'll answer the question how long will it be before you get that song out of your head. >> two to three days. >> sunday. exactly. we'll get to that later on. we'll get right to today's top story. there's controversy around the nobel peace prize being o warded to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and not to malala yousafzai. andrea mitchell has more on
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that. good morning to you. >> good morning. it is surprising and controversial. it effects politics and the concern that she was too young to be awarded the most prestigious prize. she might win it in the future. it set off anger and disappointment. she has made a profound difference for women living under the brutally of regimes like the taliban. at the age of 14 encouraged by her father she started speaking out leading to a taliban gunman boarding her school bus and shooting her in the head. this week as she continues to campaign around the world for the right for girls to be educated the taliban issued a new death threat vowing to kill her where ever she is. she did seek refuge and medical care in england. she'll be in washington today. even more so, the fact hah the u.s. chemical weapons inspectors got the prize instead of malala.
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only this week they made their second trip in to destroy the chemical weapons. very dangerous and very challenging but only just beginning. from even my acquaintance with her, this disappointment will not stop malala and her campaign. she is only a teenager. this young woman is getting started. >> we agree with that. our congratulations also to the winners of the prize. andrea mitchell in washington, thank you very much. now to the new imagine of edward snowden. our first look at the nsa leaker since he sought asylum in russia. the government may have missed warning signs about snowden years ago. let's turn to richard engle. good morning. >> good morning. he says according to americans that met him in russia he loves the united states and is grateful that russia granted him asylum. >> reporter: the first glimpse of edward snowden in russia is
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him holding an award, a prize for whistle blowing. it was given to snowden by four other americans all exintelligence and security who support that the young computer expert, formerly with the nsa revealed classified information about american intelligence programs including the collection of u.s. phone and e-mail records. >> we have more and more whistle blowers coming to the government accountability project than we had before. so i think if the u.s. is trying to clamp down and send a message by making an example, courage is containo contagious and he's had a wonderful effect for the u.s. and the world. >> reporter: he told nbc news he is settling in well in russia and might not return home. >> he is healthy and well rested. centered and grounded. he was funny and engaging. he did not seem worried. he did not seem to have lost
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weight or appear pale or sick in any kind of way. he's been reading russian authors and studying russian history and trying to understand the politics. >> reporter: but snowden apparently also worries elements of the u.s. government want to kill him. there's no evidence he's an actual target. that would be illegal. >> we asked him about it and he shook his head. you know, so he is aware of these things. >> reporter: snowden according to his lawyer is now looking for a new job and has received many high paying offers to work in computer programming in russia. and today on the cover of the new york times, a report that four years before these last leaks came out, the supervisor snowden was working with at the cia said in a warning in his report that he was a possible leaker. how that was passed over in a background check is unexplained. >> a lot of questions. thank you so much. now to the latest on the shutdown show down.
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there's some movement on a deal to get the government back to work and also to avoid a default. peter alexander has that story this morning. hi, peter. >> reporter: hi, matt. good morning to you. i spoke with aids on both sides early this morning and they insist no final decisions have been made but there were more talks overnight and more talks scheduled again for today. senate republicans arrive here at the white house several hours from now but a more different tone from days ago with clear signs that the end of the shutdown and the debt limit standoff may finally be within view. after a long night of negotiations new optimism that washington might find a solution to both problems it created. house republicans describe their hour and a half meeting with the president as useful and productive, even if no final decisions were made. >> we'll come back to have more discussions. the president said he would go and consult with the administration folks and hopefully we can see a way forward after that. >> reporter: that way forward
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may include an end to the government shutdown by monday according to a top house republican on cnbc. >> if we're going to open the government, we need to come to some negotiation on that in relatively short order because people are hurting. >> reporter: also on the table, a short-term fix to ensure the nation has enough money to pay it's bills. raising the debt ceiling. for how long, house and senate republicans disagree but it would avoid default. a position the white house seemed willing to consider. >> the president is happy that cooler heads, at least, seem to be prevailing. >> reporter: for 11 days now most americans have felt a lot like this little boy at washington's national zoo. locked out with washington seemingly frozen in place. even the senate's historic ohio clock stopped ticking wednesday because the staff in charge of winding it was furloughed. the impact extends to the florida keys where fishermen
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rallied for the everglades national park to reopen. >> that means we can't go fishing. that means we can't make any money and the days of fishing we're losing we don't get back. >> reporter: our poll shows the republican party has been badly damaged by the back to back crises. you'll be talking about this more with chuck in the morning but republicans on the hill here have been paying close attention to those numbers and often times hearing from real americans can help drive compromise. >> peter alexander at the white house this morning. thank you very much. now, here's savannah. thanks. since the shutdown started we heard people voice their frustrations about the shutdown in congress. now a new wall street journal poll shows how angry they are. chuck todd, good morning. >> good morning. >> people don't like washington but there is one party that's getting more of the blame according to this poll. >> the shutdown has been, there's no sugar coating this, a political disaster for the gop. here's who is to blame.
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53% blame congressional republicans for this. 31% blame president obama. during the 95 shutdown republicans got more blame but never crossed 50%. this is unprecedented even for shutdown politics. >> and there's a question about who puts political interests first and the republicans fair badly on that as well. >> very badly. 70% said they were picking politics over the country. this includes even 40% of republicans. president obama, 51% say politics over the country. >> and let's talk about the republican party in general. if midterm elections were held next month instead of next year, what might we see? >> the only good news in the poll is the date. it's october 2013. not 2014. this negative view of the republican party in our poll, 25 year history of this poll, it has never been lower than this. 53% negative view for the republican party and when you look at the match up between democrats and republicans who
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would you like to control congress, democrats have an 8 point lead. they haven't had a lead like this in four years since the six week period when president obama was inaugurated. this is what the shutdown has done to the republican party. >> however, people do not like this position i won't negotiate. >> the only talking point that republ republicans have sold is why won't you negotiate mr. president? most of the things we have seen in this poll, though, democrats have rallied around the president but republicans, particularly non-tea party rememb republicans are backing off the republican party. >> and politicians do their own polls. these are flying around capitol hill. is that why we're saying movements? >> not to say our poll is creating urgency but our poll -- no other major poll is done this way.
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>> republican and democrat. >> this one sent shockwaves last night. the urgency to flip the switch on this among republicans is at the highest point we've seen in weeks. chuck todd, thank you. we appreciate it. thank you so much. there's new questions this morning about the cleveland kidnapper ariel castro's suicide. natalie has those headlines. >> that's right. good morning. the death of ariel castro found dead in his cell last month, a just released report suggests the death may not have been a suicide and questions remain about why he wasn't being watched more closely while in his prison cell. >> reporter: convicted cleveland kidnappers ariel castro was discovered hanging by a bed sheet september 3rd, just weeks into his mandatory life sentence. >> i'm not a monster. i did not prey on them. >> reporter: revelations in a ohio department of corrections report now suggest the death may
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not have been suicide but possibly the result of accidentally choking himself during a sex act in his cell. the report also alleges two guar guar guards falsified documents as to when they checked on castro. >> he was arrested in may of holding three young women in his home for more than a decade. after his cell, michelle knight said life behind bars was the best punishment. >> you don't deserve that. you deserve to spend life in prison. >> reporter: while he did elude to taking his own life in a 2004 letter no suicide note was found in his cell. only a few pictures and an open bible. nbc news, chicago. former detroit major kwame kilpatrick was sentenced to 24
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years for corruption. he said he was sorry buzz denied stealing from the city. police and volunteers in new york city are pressing their search for a nonverbal autistic boy that's been missing now for more than a week. the 14-year-old was last seen on surveillance tape running away from school. his family handed out flyers last night. most of the search is focused on rail yards and subway tunnels because he has a strong interest in trains. the mother of an american man detained in north korea is there to visit her son. he was arrested last november while leading a group of tourists in north korea and sentenced to 15 years for what the government called hostile acts. his mother has not been able to see him for almost a year. she pleaded for visitation rights after her son became ill. the vatican has pulled 6,000 commemorative medals because somebody forgot to use spell check. the medals went on sale on tuesday. somebody happened to notice that
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the word jesus stamped along the edge is misspelled as lesvs with an l instead of a j. four were sold before the medals were withdrawn. their value is expected to skyrocket. visitors got a surprise when legendary rocker paul mccartney treated them to a concert. he played a quick four strong set. police only gave him 15 minutes. mccartney is promoting his new album titled new. 7:14. i think he should have kept going. >> gotten arrested. >> i think the police could have given him a little license there. >> he does the cover of what does the fox say. >> you got snow to tell us about. >> that's right. it's early for our friends in flagstaff, arizona. they only picked up an inch but still had to break up the snowplows and get stuff going. but the kids, the kids always love it. nothing wrong with that. dad and his son.
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let's make some snow angels. let's show you what's going on. two big stories. in the plains, trouble there. we have a risk of strong storms from grand forks, jamestown, fargo into alexandria. minnesota and minneapolis may get in on this. rainfall from two to three inches. rapid city, we could be looking at flooding there. we also have this pesky low. there's a big area of high pressure that's dominating. that high pressure won't move. so it's just kind of sitting there and not allowing this low to move on up so we continue to see this on shore flow. more rain. look at this, over the next 24 hours from philadelphia to d.c., about two to four inches of rain. less than that as you get up into new england but there could be coastal floodings and big problems through the weekend. airport delays from boston down to washington today because of the winds. that's your latest weather. we'll get to your forecast coming up in the ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ] nd career change, fidelity is there for your personal economy,
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helping you readjust your retirement plan along the way, rethink how you're invested, and refocus as your career moves forward. wherever you are today, a fidelity i.r.a. has a wide range of investment choices to help you fine-tune your personal economy. call today, and we'll make it easy to move that old 401(k) to a fidelity i.r.a. >> good morning. rain will be with us throughout the weekend. temperatures around 63 in downtown baltimore. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you very
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much. let's go into the orange room and tamron is in for carson this morning. the nobel peace prize handed out not long ago. people talking about that online? >> all over the world people are reacting to the news that malala didn't receive the nobel prize. she captured our hearts and attention and inspired us to be more courageous day-to-day. the anticipation, malala marches toward the nobel peace prize. malala yousafzai poised to win the nobel peace prize. all of social media on fire but one tweet stood out to me guys and this is from a man that said malala not given the nobel prize but she rules the hearts of millions with or without a political award. that sentiment reiterated over and over again but i like this tweet because it comes out of pakistan, her country, of course. and a couple of days ago malala
7:18 am
was on with john stewart. he asked her what she would do if she faced a gunman again. a very serious moment. take a look. >> i would tell him how important education is and that i even want education for your children as well and i'll tell him that's what i want to tell you, now do what you want. >> you see there, john stewart often has something witty to say. his breath taken away seeing the bravery and courage of malala and she was asked recently what she wants to do next. she said she thought about being a doctor but now she wants to enter politics and perhaps guys become the prime minister of pakistan. so this is, in a way a disappointment but how can you stop this 16-year-old who say force of nature. >> sky is the limit for her. >> so young but so brilliant. >> you do feel a little bad for the people that won the award. this is an incredible life achievement and all that's being
7:19 am
said this morning is who didn't win the award. >> that's true. coming up, the real man behind the movie starring tom hanks, captain phillips. we'll talk to richard phillips about what it's like to see his story on the big screen. then a warning if you're buying health insurance, beware of people using the new health care law to steal your money. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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pretty shot. >> sunrise, jacksonville, florida. nice day there, hopefully. hopefully it's a nice day where you're waking up as well. rainy in the northeast. we'll be talking to rich phillips in a little while. he was the captain of the maersk alabama hijacked in 2009. he was taken hostage and a movie out about his story starring tom hanks. >> yeah, can you imagine your story being told, tom hanks being the star?
7:22 am
what was it like to sit in the theater and relive the moments? we'll get to ask captain phillips. he is here? >> also what is in a kiss. >> yeah. >> pucker up, al. >> we're going to find out if a >> pucker up, al. >> we're going to find out if a kiss [ mom ] ow!
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♪ don't let the holidays sneak up on you. shop early with kmart free layaway. plus get 5% off toys when you put them on layaway. kmart. get in. get more christmas. >> this is the wbal tv 11 news in baltimore>>. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. two of the three former navy football players accused of sexually assaulting a classmate will face a military court- martial. the superintendent of the academy confirms midshipmen will stand trial. they are accused of abusing a female classmate during a drunken encounter.
7:27 am
notfreezer says she does remember what happened but learned about it from other people -- the accuser said she does not remember what happened but learned about it from other people. a third midshipman will not face trial. columns on the roads this morning -- problems on the roads this morning. >> if you are traveling on southbound 29 just prior to reporting, multivehicle accident there and the left lane is blocked as a result. is down 175, another scene of a crash. eastbound 70 near the amount every region, watch for an accident with delays. you can see what this looks like on the inner loop as a result of the crash. warren road shutdown in beaverdam road in cockeysville, an accident involving a light rail line of van. pretty boy wrote, shutdown and mount carvell the shutdown at mount carmel due to a downed tree. northbound to 95 anne arundel mills, watch for a crash. another one was an overturned vehicle on the ramp from
7:28 am
ordnance road. miri has a check on the forecast. >> slicked streets out there. moderate to heavy rain pushing its way into parts of columbia and clarksville. temperatures around 57 in frederick and 57 at the b&b when marshall airport -- bwi marshall airport. expect rain throughout the day, most of it like a moderate. there will be pockets of heavy rain as well. 90% chance for showers. 66 on saturday. 67 on sunday with more rain.
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you are looking at a few of the shots people around the country sent in of their sunrises. we want to see yours. use the #todayssunrise. 7:30 on friday october 11th, 2013. i'm savannah guthrie along side matt lauer, al roker and natalie morales. >> surprise and disappointment around the world with the news of the peace prize award going to a chemical weapons monitoring group and not to malala yousafzai as expected. meantime in washington
7:31 am
there's new optimism between a meeting with the president and house republicans was described as productive by both parties. >> we're getting our first look at nsa leaker edward snowden since he sought asylum in russia. this as the government may have missed warning signs about him several years ago. >> coming up, a fraud warning for anybody looking to sign up for health insurance under the new affordable care act. information you need to know. and "glee" paying a final tribute to cory monteith. the show's star that died over the summer of a drug overdose. we want to begin this half hour with the movie "captain phillips." it opens in theaters today. it's about the captain and crew of a u.s. owned merchant ship taken hostage by somali pirates. the movie is based on the true story. we'll talk to the real captain phillips in a morning. but first his story. >> reporter: an attempted hijacking that turned into a
7:32 am
hostage situation. >> even for somali pirates this was a brazen attack on a u.s. flag ship. >> reporter: the crew of the maersk alabama cargo ship fought back against pirates 240 miles off the coast of somalia. the pirates kidnapped the ship's captain, richard phillips fleeing in a lifeboat. >> it's the safety of the captain. >> reporter: for nearly five days he was captive at gun point by four so mali teens in an enclosed boat in the indian ocean until u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s managed to kill three of the four pirates in a daring rescue operation. >> what do you remember? >> being very scared and diving for the bottom of the deck and just getting as low as i could. >> reporter: some crew members later fired a lawsuit against the shipping company alleging phillips ignored warnings of high pirate activity in the area steering the vessel far closer than the advised 600 miles away
7:33 am
from the coast. with that case still pending, it's tom hanks who plays captain phillips in the movie that hits theaters today. >> the navy isn't going to let you win. they can't let you win. >> captain richard phillips, good morning. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> good. it's been awhile. >> it has. >> doing okay? >> yes, very well. >> it has to be a weird experience. it's based on this episode in your life. a traumatic episode. did it capture it? >> it did capture the stress and intenseness on the ship with the pirates and the lifeboat and in the eyes of tom hanks and the pirate you can see the stress going on. >> when we spoke a couple of days after you got back to vermont after being rescued in 2009 there was a lot you didn't want to talk about because it was so traumatic and so fresh and there were imagines you were trying to get out of your head.
7:34 am
as you watch this movie again, does it bring those back inevitably. >> it's not a door that's closed. it's been four years and i pretty much put it behind me. >> obviously, this is a hollywood movie. >> yeah. >> so they take some poetic license with certain things. what's wrong in the movie? what's different as opposed to the way it happened? >> we all have to compress five days into two hours for a movie is tough. there's a lot of scheduling and things that couldn't be put in but i think they did a very good job in portraying what went on and how fearful the time was. >> the movie begins in somalia and we get to see a little bit of the lives the would be pirates are leading before they decide to take to the sea and hijack the maersk alabama. do you think this say more sympathetic view of the pirates or forces some understanding of their circumstances? >> well, they are people. even though i believe they made
7:35 am
the wrong choice and they are humanized as they should be. they are people, as i said. but i think it just gives the viewer a background of where they're coming from. >> they're played brilliantly by guys from minneapolis who are somalis that never acted before and you were played by tom hanks. your wife to me in 2009 joked that if they ever made a movie about this episode she wanted george clooney to play you. >> she did. >> you got tom hanks, instead. how did he do? >> he came up to visit me at my house in vermont a few times and i told him he was going to have to put on a little weight and get better looking. he did neither but did a good job. >> he drives up to your house in vermont. what kinds of things did he want to know about you? >> he just wanted to get an idea of the routine on the ships, the routine of myself at home and leaving my family and going back
7:36 am
to work and vice versa. some vocabulary on the ship. he really just wanted a gist of that. >> something else swirling around the story is there's a lawsuit now filed by nine of your crew members. they're not suing you but they're suing the owners of the ship saying that you put them in harms way. that you went too close to the shore and ignored warnings after pirate activity. are you worried about it? >> i believe 6 of the crew are still suing. it's been on for four years. within weeks of coming home the suit was initiated. and they are suing the company. but you have to understand, we deal with piracy all over the world. philippines, east west coast of africa and south america and nigeria is worse than somalia ever is. >> you're back at sea. have you entered the places and is the threat of hijacking constantly in your mind?
7:37 am
>> you will deal with piracy. merchant marine versus to deal with piracy. it's always a concern. >> obviously this movie is getting a lot of talk. there's talk about a possible academy award nomination for the film and for tom hanks. we are going to see you on the red carpet? >> hopefully i won't. >> good to see you as always. >> thank you, matt. >> "captain phillips" hits theaters today. let's get a look at the warm weather across the country. >> thanks, matt. we'll show you again the great #todaysunrise pictures you're sending in. we love seeing this. big area of high pressure dominating. that's a clockwise flow of air. it's bringing in a lot of warmth. you can see the jet stream way up to the north. look at the temperatures. for today, chicago, you're going to be at 77 degrees. that's 10 degrees above normal.
7:38 am
des moines at 80. 13 degrees above normal. st. louis at 81 but there's a frontal system pushing through by monday. big cool down coming. minneapolis you drop down to 53. kansas city 63. indianapolis 72 degrees. detroit back to normal with a >> good morning. we are starting the weekend off with showers. 64 in southern maryland. all right. well, of course, you know it's time for the weekend. time for you to get ready because it's the best night of
7:39 am
the week. that's because it's sunday night, football night, in america. the redskins coming in to take on the cowboys at the at&t stadium. can you hear me now? outdoor weather, showers and thunderstormsen. in the mid 70s, mixing my commercials but not mixing the best night of the week. sunday night, football night in america. call me. >> showers and thunderstorms but they have a -- >> a dome. >> i said outside. people are tailgating. people tailgate. get off my back. >> wow. >> call me. >> call me. >> al, thank you. up next, millions of americans are signing up to buy health insurance under obama care. but a warning. some scammers are out there. we'll tell you how to protect yourself. a rather unconventional way to test people for alzheimer's. we'll show it to you. to test people for alzheimer's. we'll show it to you. but first, these messages.if you 're living with chronic migraine, your life is a game of chance. but what if the odds could be in your favor?
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lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i'm feeling better with lyrica. ask your doctor if lyrica is right for your fibromyalgia pain. back now at 7:43 with a warning for anyone who is considering signing up for insurance under the new health care law. nbc's tom costello is in washington this morning with more on that story. tom, good morning.
7:44 am
>> hi, savannah, good morning. they see this every time a new government program rolls out and creates confusion and this new law that requires the uninsured to buy insurance has a lot of people confused and is easy targets for scam artists. >> reporter: it's been an all out pr push getting americans to sign up for affordable insurance or obama care. >> good health insurance for the price of your cell phone bill or less. >> reporter: on twitter, celebs like amy polar, lady gaga joining in. but criminals maybe waiting to pounce. >> it's a golden opportunity for scam artists to take advantage and scam consumers out of money. >> reporter: already he is getting reports of scammers cold calling people demanding social security numbers, dates of birth and credit card information and telling those people they could go to jail if they don't buy insurance. not true. >> if you don't buy insurance
7:45 am
through obama care or another insurance plan you're not going to go to jail. >> reporter: whatever you do, say the experts, don't give personal information or money to anyone that calls or e-mails. arizona attorney general tom horne. >> hang up on them right away. they're trying to get into your bank and take money from you. it's not legitimate. >> reporter: meanwhile, the obama care website roll out has been a nightmare. 11 days of glitches, crashes and people that want to buy insurance getting kicked off the site. health is riddled with software and coding problems. >> people are wasting hours trying to get through this thing and the obama administration has an obligation to shut it down and bring it back up when it works. >> reporter: the white house insists millions have visited the site but they're not saying how many have actually enrolled and we have only been able to identify a handful. >> this say problem that was driven by overwhelming demand from people saying i want to sign up for affordable health
7:46 am
care and they're going to be able to. >> reporter: another problem associated with the obama care roll out, if you want to report you have been targeted by a scam artist you won't get through to the federal trade commission because no one can answer the phone with the government shutdown. back to you. >> how did we know that would be the punch line? tom costello, thank you so much. coming up next, an emotional fair well as "glee" pays tribute to cory monteith. that's next. that you find yourself at the corner of "a little flu shot" and "a world of difference." now through october 14th, when you get any immunization at walgreens, we'll help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in a developing country through the u.n. foundation's shot at life campaign. together, we can supply up to three million vaccines. it's easy to make a difference at walgreens. simply get a shot. and give a shot.
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7:50 am
we're back now at 7:49. it was a difficult night for fans of "glee" and cory monteith overnight. he died over the summer after a drug overdose. on thursday night, the show said good-bye to him. tamron is in the orange room. >> art imitating life with the episode to cory monteith. it's called the quarterback which is fitting for the title of his role on and off the show. >> reporter: the episode picks up three weeks after the funeral of the high school quarterback turned singer finn hudson. >> everyone wants to talk about how he died too, but who cares? i care more about how he lived.
7:51 am
>> reporter: his death isn't explained but they mourn his death the only way they know how. >> singing. >> reporter: last night's glee was anything but gleeful. at times the emotion so raw it was hard to tell what was scripted. >> you keep on being a parent even though you don't get to have a child anymore. >> reporter: with a line between mourning monteith and his character finn hudson blurred. >> he was our leader in here. >> reporter: while when his real life girlfriend feels her tribute. there were a few light moments. >> i don't know how much longer i can wear black. >> reporter: but at the end the show hit all the right notes. >> our friend corey didn't look or act like an addict. >> reporter: ending with a real message from the actors. by the way, proceeds from online sales of the songs from the episode will benefit project limelight.
7:52 am
that's the canadian theater camp that monteith supported. the hashtag this morning remembering corey. album sales are tied with miley cyrus who released her album earlier this week. but that cover of the bob dylan song make you feel my love is the one that's on fire this morning. so emotional episode but certainly one i think their fans appreciate. >> all right, tamron. >> ryan murphy saying a lot of what you saw was real. they would get so overcome we motion that they couldn't continue on. >> how they could sing through tears i have no idea. that's amazing. tamron, thank you. coming up, we'll ask the question did sheryl crow help the feds in the case against her former boyfriend lance armstrong? we'll get into that. plus do your kids get too much homework. what happened when one dad took on his 8th graders workload for a week.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
>> this is the wbal tv 11 news in baltimore. >> time for a check of the busy money to meet with sarah caldwell. >-- morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> let's bring you up-to-date on what to expect. the rain is contributed to the commute this morning. or an road shut down at beaverdam road to do to a next and a fan. your alternate shawan road or industry lane. also closed at mount carmelo due to a downed tree. lets track some other problems on southbound 29. multivehicle accident causing
7:57 am
delays on i-70 eastbound. eastbound 175, watch for crash. we are dealing with one on eastbound 70 and mt. airy. in the a loch raven, new accident on the northeast side. this is what it looks like going away from us. traffic at a standstill from philadelphia road towards the towson region. southbound 295, we have an accident just in on northbound route 10. blocking thehicle ramp. belair, watch for the crash at 543 and southampton road. miri has more on the weather. >> the weather takes another turn for the worse. light to moderate showers across the region right now but flooding is now a concern. the national weather service just issued a flood warning which will cover baltimore and parts of maryland. be careful for water collecting on the side of the roads.
7:58 am
the rain will be consistent throughout the day. light fog this morning. light to moderate rain. heavy rain is possible throughout the day as well. temperatures between 59 and 64 degrees.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today. homework wars. one dad did his middle schoolers homework for a week and it nearly killed him. here comes the duffin. it has one woman in a bakery battle with starbucks. and what does the fox say? we'll meet the brothers behind the massive internet hit and they'll perform it live. today, october 11th, 2013. came to new york city for my
8:01 am
sweet 16. >> i'm 50. >> i'm 60 going on 16. >> what does the fox say? >> what does the fox say? >> hillbilly trip. >> we love matt. >> we love al. and we're back now on this friday morning out on the plaza with some really excited fox fans. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, al roker, and tamron hall. >> well, we were playing the song what does the fox say and i feel like it combined two in one. >> what the fox said. >> it is. >> all right. what we're going to be meeting the brothers behind this video that swept in over 100 million hits online. >> it's insane. >> it will be in your head all
8:02 am
weekend. that we promise you. let's get a check of the top stories. natalie is at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. secretary of state john kerry just landed in kabul, afghanistan for a surprise visit. meantime president obama is meeting with republican senators to tackle the 11 day old republican shutdown. he did meet last night with house republicans that called the discussion useful and productive although no major break through was made. three california poultry processing facilities linked to a salmonella outbreak can stay open for now. foster farms made the necessary changes. raw chicken processed by those facilities was linked to the outbreak that sickened 278 people in 17 states. a major victory for the toyota car company on thursday. they decided the awe toy maker wasn't liable in a 2009 lawsuit stemmed from a fatal accident on
8:03 am
acceleration. an accident that plagued toyota. >> what percentage of responsibility of harm do you assign to toyota? 0%. >> it was a bittersweet victory. a los angeles jury deciding it was the driver of another vehicle and not the toyota motor corporation responsible for the car accident that killed the 66-year-old. >> we felt that toyota was responsible for my mom's death. but unfortunately, the jury didn't find that way. the family blamed a defective accelerator in the 2006 toyota camry that caused her to lose control of the vehicle. this was one in a series of lawsuits against the company over unintended acceleration leading to more federal fines
8:04 am
for the auto maker. they said we're congratulate identified that the jury concluded the design of the 2006 camry didn't contribute to the unfortunate accident. >> we have sad news about a california bride whose story was told here on this program and inspired people around the world. she decided to marry her long-term boyfriend after she was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. their big day in july was a dream thanks to a volunteer wedding planner and dozens of vendors. she died on thursday. her husband, jeff says it was beautiful and peaceful and that jen will always be with him. we're thinking of him and her family as well. the schoolgirl favored to win this year's nobel peace prize was passed over this morning. she was shot in the head for advocating female education. it went to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. the group currently destroying syria's chemical arsenal. >> one of america's original
8:05 am
astronauts scott carpenter died thursday after suffering complications from a stroke. he was the 7th american to orbit the earth. also known for his sense of humor. he was 88 years old. you've seen her on tv and in the movies but now betty white has a new starring role. to see it you take a flight on air new zealand. >> if an emergency were to happen during take off or landing we recommend this delightful brace position. >> white stars in the safety video the travellers see before taking off. she puts her spin on everything from the oxygen masks to the inflatable vests. that's a warning you would stay awake for. >> a woman saw a deer in her yard with a basketball stuck between it's antlers. she called her husband who grabbed the camera. they said the ball appeared to be deflating and hopefully won't
8:06 am
be there much longer. it's 8:05. let's get a check of the weather with al. that's a three point shot. >> he was going to be drafted by the milwaukee bucks. sorry. we got friends here from norway. >> yeah. >> so you guys know all about what does the fox say. >> yeah. >> big hit there. >> very big. >> so these guys have been big in norway for a long time. >> many years. >> they have their own talk show. >> as long as they don't do a morning show, we're all right. >> no. >> let's show you what we've got. let's look on the radio and satellite, right now things nice and clear in chicago as we look and show you what's happening by our friends in earth cam. next three days we have rain on saturday and then cooler temperatures coming in. 65 degrees on sunday. as we look it's going to be cool in the pacific northwest. that pesky low pressure system still hanging in tough along the
8:07 am
mid-atlantic states. we're looking at rain in the pacific northwest. strong storms in the upper mississippi river valley and i love this, you were on -- what's your name? >> milly from louisville, kentucky. >> you were on top of the rock. >> that's my twin and i. >> thank you for sharing this. >> this is my two daughter and daughter-in-law and we have three other sons at home and my husband. and mary margaret my friend is at home. >> we've only got an hour here. >> good morning. rain will be with us throughout the weekend. temperatures around 63 in downtown baltimore.
8:08 am
and that's your latest weather. >> thanks. how cool is this. 50th birthday, happened to be in times square yesterday when what happened? >> paul mccartney came out. >> happy birthday marcy. that's great. >> coming up, you know what, it really is in his kiss. in trending, we'll explain that. >> also, the eye opening experience for a dad that tried doing his daughter's homework for a week. his story at 8:16. >> and the brothers behind this. and what does the fox say. but first, these messages. ♪ ♪ [ girl ] roses are red. violets are blue. splenda® is sweet. and so are you. [ female announcer ] just about anywhere you use sugar,
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i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more sinus symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh what a relief it is. that's why i eat belvita at breakfast. it's made with delicious ingredients, then carefully-baked to release steady energy that lasts. we're golfing now, buddy! i got it! belvita. steady energy. all morning long. we're back with what's trending today. how about this one, could the key to detecting alzheimer's be in this jar? well, scientists say it just may be. scientists at the university of florida say when they gave a scoop of peanut butter to patients that have that disease, they noticed a striking
8:13 am
difficulty in detecting it's smell. so why did they use peanut butter? apparently it's sent is one of the few smells picked up by a nerve. >> you can detect alzheimer's if you can smell this. >> which is amazing because alzheimer's is to difficult to detect in the early stages. >> that's amazing. trending from the new york daily news, it's long been the subject of speculation about lance armstrong, did his former fiancee sheryl crow ever see him doping. now they say the singer saw armstrong get a blood transfusion in 2004 and later told federal investigators about it. now sheryl crow declined our request for comment but armstrong acknowledged doping over the years. >> in some ways it doesn't even matter. >> exactly. now, trending on our website, researchers at oxford
8:14 am
are finally proving the wise words of that great philosophy named cher. turns out it really is in his kiss. a new survey finds that women in particular value kissing so much that they're more likely to change their opinion of a man based solely on the smooch. they studied primate behavior noting that even apes kiss. kissing by primates and humans helps establish and keep bonds in a relationship and the primary reason to kiss is not sexual arousal. >> oh, there you go. >> that's love. >> he loves like a kisser. >> and the kiss seen around the world. >> apparently it's more important to women than men. >> yes. i think that's true. >> nothing worse than a slobbery
8:15 am
kisser. >> i can think of five things worse, actually. also, trending on youtube, all together -- >> what does the fox say? we have been talking about it all morning. >> the music video by comedians in a little over a month this thing racked up more than 100 million hits on youtube. these are the guys behind it. >> what did al roker say. >> hi guys. >> you got it. >> not even close. >> i don't know whether to high five you or have you arrested. i'm not sure. >> we both -- >> are you surprised by the popularity of this. >> absolutely. >> all according to plan. >> is this something your whole life you pondered what does the fox say? >> not our whole life. it's probably a half year old ponder. >> yes, the whole idea you guys were trying to produce an
8:16 am
antihit. well, that really worked out for you. it certainly backfired. it's top of the charts even on itunes. >> we wanted to go home to norway and say we worked with the top producers in new york and the only thing we could think about was the fox. >> it's just sing sinking in what happened? >> it has been sinking this for awhile but this last month has been ridiculous obviously and a couple of days ago we did fallon and you're standing there turning your head over and suddenly jimmy fallon is like this. just going with the drums. it's really strange. >> what do you follow up with? >> we don't know. >> the wolf. >> many people said the giraffe. >> you're going to really stick your neck out on that one. >> nice. >> have you answered the question, what does the fox say? [ inaudible ]
8:17 am
>> it has to be one of them. >> foxes are very individual so we covered the whole spectrum. >> you guys are going to perform this for us. >> yeah. >> pure genius that you transcribe it at the bottom of the video. >> this was the plan. this was our main goal. we were sitting back home in norway saying if we're going to perform this on today show how are we going to do it? and then we made the song about the fox. >> worked out well. >> world domination cannot be far behind. congratulations to you. >> thanks guys. >> that is what is trending today. also ahead, two men who are building a rocket ship in their backyard. but first, the homework wars. are kids getting too much homework? one dad could not believe how many hours his daughter was spending on homework every day. so he decided to try doing it himself for one week and joe friar tells us what happened next. >> reporter: parents expect kids to complain about their homework and she was no exception. >> i had crazy amounts of
8:18 am
homework. i didn't have time for anything else. >> reporter: but what happens when it's the parents complaining about too much homework. >> cutting into dinner time, cutting into family time so i naturally began to wonder what is the actual nature of the work that she is doing every night. >> reporter: to find out for himself, the father and author spent a week last school year doing his daughter's homework from a selective middle school right along side of her. >> i was like, yes the world can finally know. >> reporter: he kept a diary which was published in the atlantic, an article entitled my daughter's homework is killing me. algebra, earth sciences, humanity, spanish and read part of angela's ashes. it took him at least three hours on each night monday, tuesday, and wednesday and an hour and a half on thursday. his daughter called it a light week. >> the volume of work, the amount of reading, the amount of
8:19 am
studying in additions to hours of homework assigned each night. >> reporter: he is concerned all that homework for his daughter is taking away time from family and extracurricular activities like kickboxing. >> i came away thinking there's too much homework but also impressed by the work they're trying to do. >> reporter: a larger load of homework greater than anything he experienced in middle school. for today, nbc news, california. well, we wanted to see how we would handle some middle school homework questions and we have two people to put us to the test. we have an 8th grade english teacher and an 8th grade student who we already know is smarter than all of us. good morning to both of you. you have been a teacher for a long time. have you been hearing this complaint and do you think there's more homework over the years than when you first started? >> i don't think there's more homework throughout the years. i think kid versus see many great opportunities of things to
8:20 am
do after school that by the time they're getting home at 7:00 and 8:00 their brains are fried and it's taking them double and triple the amount of homework. >> how much homework do you assign, do you think? >> 20 or 30 minutes. >> i have a 6th grader and fourth grader and first grader. i get asked a lot. the kids say it's either too much or too hard and sometimes they ask me to help. do you ask your parents? >> in some subjects. when it comes to math, no way, my parents do not understand what we're doing in math. and we just get frustrated with each other. and my mom gets dizzy when she looks at my math problems but english and science they're helpful in. >> i know that feeling well. >> but is it something as a teacher you want parents to help in because in some ways that masks a students inability to do the homework. >> there's a fine line between helping and doing and a lot of parents are not sure where that is. i would much rather a student come in with a homework
8:21 am
assignment incomplete so i can see this student needs help in these things than their parent having done the work. >> do you feel like you have too much homework? >> i feel like i have way too much homework and i have after school activities and i come home late and it's too much to handle. >> okay. we'll get to our tests right now. >> we're not going to do math. >> no math. >> so what are your questions for us. >> okay, the first question is a science question. >> oh, gosh. >> how many degrees does the earth rotate each hour? >> each hour? >> that's a math question. >> no, but that's -- >> that's science. >> how many degrees? >> 1 degree. >> probably 24 -- you're right. it is a math question. >> 24 to 120 -- >> no, 24 into 360. >> 15. >> that is the right answer.
8:22 am
you are correct. >> it say math question, though. >> math and science together. >> i haven't done long division since the 70s. >> okay. what's the other one. >> okay, this has been my subject area of english. if romeo and juliet the reader remains aware that juliet takes a sleeping potion to fake death and experiences romeo killing himself after thinking that juliet is dead. what literal device is that an example of? >> the technical term is it's a bummer. >> yes. >> what is it again? >> it's a metaphor. >> no, literary device. >> the reader knows that the people in the scene don't know. >> right. >> think of the situation. >> it's a tragedy. >> yes. >> a tragic mistake. >> part of it. >> oh, oh. it's -- gosh. >> a great tragedy --
8:23 am
>> i don't know. >> as a teacher i think we're going to give you partial credit. it's tragic irony. >> we are very familiar with tragic irony. >> okay, ladies, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> hopefully we don't have to go back. now, what is supposed to be britain's answer to the cronut. remember that? this is called the duffin and there's a little controversy over the breakfast treat recently rolled out by starbucks. michelle kosinski is live in london with that. good morning to you. >> reporter: behold the duffin. it's part doughnut, part muffin. the owner has been taking these for years. she put them in her cook book and named them and bakes hundreds every day. well, all of a sudden starbucks has a duffin virtually identical and now they have trademarked the name. we all it is serious business
8:24 am
when pastries collide. the cronut the crookie, the duffin. the duffin she create twod years ago is her hot item and could not believe this. >> it looks interesting. >> reporter: starbucks unveiled it's own duffin same name saying we sat together with our bakers and pondered how you could make a muffin go one step further. they also chose buttermilk, rosemary and raspberry jam and now they trademarked the name in the uk. >> they were saying does starbuck not know how to use google. >> she had tons of press and before her others had doughnut
8:25 am
muffin hybrids which is why she didn't think about trademarking her. >> the claim that they had invented it involves a little bit of eye rolling. >> reporter: now starbuck's site aims to set the record straight. we have discover there had are other duffins out there and adding there's no plans to try to stop her from selling hers. comfort to many of her fans. and more comments on the website. naughty, very naughty. british fury over duffin gate. >> reporter: well, the plot may thicken. the owner has a sign out explaining what's going on and asking if anyone knows any good copyright lawyers. she is weighing her options. we pressed starbucks to explain more, how exactly did theirs turn out so very similar to bea's but she relied on the statement on the website. >> we need to sample them.
8:26 am
>> what literary device did michelle just use. the plot is thickening like muffin batter. >> metaphor. >> metaphor. thank you very much. >> the wait is almost over. what does the fox say? live on the plaza. >> this is the wbal tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. let's get a check in the morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> still a mess out there for your friday morning commute. if you are heading out the door, here is what to expect. warren road and beaverdam in cockeysville, light rail accident. shawan road or industry lane is your alternate. pretty boy gamber road at mount carmel carmelo, watch for delays there. delays on eastbound i-70 due to an earlier accident on southbound 29 just past the beltway. is down 175 is also clear at
8:27 am
108. 29, new accident coming in. mt. airy, no longer an accident in that vicinity. you can see on the outer loop and into the, to and from the 83's, just a mess this morning. major impact on your morning rush. 295, we have an accident backing up traffic. watch for this 1 -- northbound route 10 on the ramp to ordnance road. overturned vehicle blocking the ramp. miri has a check on your forecast. >> reyna still following around the region. a stretch of moderate rain falling from clarksville the towson and covers parts of baltimore as well. expect the rain to last off and on throughout the day. under a flood warning for low- lying areas. water in the streets. if you are around the stream, you could find some flooding there as well. highs between 59 and 64.
8:28 am
light fog possible. light to moderate rain. pockets of heavy rain will be possible. we have already received a 1.2 any five inches and we could see another one to two before this is over. for the bald -- for the downtown baltimore running festival, temperatures in the 60s more. temperatures in the 60s more. >> back with another update when you're struggling with your mortgage, your home feels like a burden.
8:29 am
so, um, do you want to come up for a coffee? yeah. 'kay... uh... good. so... so, uh... you make yourself at home and i'll be... yeah. right back. sure. (gasp) oh, i th... i thought we were... (deep inhale) (coffee grinder whirring) ooh... with authentic, expertly crafted roasts and legendary brews, eight o'clock is the coffee for those who put coffee first. this is nice.
8:30 am
[ music playing ] that's my favorite. one more time, the video we have been talking about all morning. get ready. what does the fox say is going to be performed live on our plaza in just a few moments. nice ears, guys.
8:31 am
>> oh. >> wait a second. >> fox thing going here. >> nice. >> i have to correct one thing. we said it was a metaphor. no, natalie pointed out, the mother english teacher of one of our producers said it's similar. we want our show to be educational. >> we should be and correct. >> so we failed once again is what you're saying. >> good morning, everyone, i'm savannah guthrie along side matt lauer, al roker, natalie morales and tamron hall. >> they use the top engineers and finest components to build their rocket ships. not so much these guys. they use household products to build a rocket that, yes, they plan to launch into space. we'll find out more about that. >> seems like it works. also the story behind this iconic photograph published in national geographic.
8:32 am
now the photographer explains how the photo was captured and why it almost never saw the light of day. it's a remarkable story. al, can we get a check of the weather and could you do it in fox ears. >> sure, yeah. >> do you want mine? >> they're on backwards. >> thank you very much. what does the weather man say? we'll show you right now. >> oh, no, they're eyebrows now. >> let's show you what we've got as far as today, saturday, we're looking at wet weather along the mid-atlantic states. lots of rain in the pacific northwest. showers and thunderstorms from texas into the great lakes. warm and sunny in the southwest. sunday, sunday, gorgeous weather in the northeast. more rain, snow back through the plains. we're looking at sunny, hot conditions through the southwest. rain and thunderstorms continue through texas. >> good morning. we are starting the weekend off with showers. 64 in southern maryland.
8:33 am
all right. now let's get to special birthday wishes from the fox himself, mr. willard scott. oh, have we got some winners today. take a look, if you will, as the tv screen shows you, ben bollinger. 100 years old today. the guy is a stand up comic. he is very funny. people love him to tell jokes. how about that. >> laura brooks from louisville, kentucky. did a lot of nice things down there.
8:34 am
106 years old today. secret to longevity is working all the time. still works a little part time. got to love her. how about that? here we have hanley rubinsohn from jenkintown, pennsylvania. all over the world. loves to travel. marzell burrell. how sweet it is. 100 years old today. from alger, ohio. >> and we love her because she likes fried food. everything fried ice cream. i love fried chicken. i like fried food period. we have raymond and dorothy martzluf and they're celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary. galesburg, illinois. i was there one time.
8:35 am
happy 75th anniversary to you. and they stay in love because they stay busy. haven't seen each other for ten years. and this is the lovely virginia moore from bethesda, maryland. 100 years old. loves crossword puzzles. that and the computer. they love that. that's all. now back to the big apple. >> thank you, uncle willie. columbia university is the only college to have a division one football team. some of the players and their mascot and cheerleaders all stopped by the plaza this morning and joining us right now is their quarterback, what's your name again. >> hamilton. >> hamilton. so 1870, playing rutgers and here you go. you're going to be on the nbc sports network coming up this weekend. >> yes, tomorrow we play lehigh at 12:00 noon on the nbc sports
8:36 am
network. >> how exciting is that? >> we love the opportunity to be on national tv and the fact that we're in new york city because it brings a different feel from new york under the stadium because we're the only team in new york city. >> that's right. >> i understand you guys have a cheer. >> yeah. >> hit it. >> go lions, go lions go. go lions go. today show on nbc. today show on nbc. all right. and can you guys do what does the fox say? >> what does the fox say? >> there you go. matt and savannah. >> all right, al, thank you so much. coming up next, the group ylvis performs the hit what does the fox say live on the plaza. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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>> announcer: the toyota concert series on today brought to you by toyota. >> now back with the moment we have been waiting for. ylvis with the song "what does the fox say"? guys. [ music playing ]
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[ music playing ]
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that was amazing. >> we now return control of your tv sets. that's ylvis with "what does the
8:43 am
fox say"? this is "today" on nbc. "t
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8:45 am
we're back at 8:44. what just happened? >> what about the operator, the guy typing all the words. >> yeah. >> many people consider themselves handy taking on projects around the house instead of paying someone else to do them. >> but keir simmons found two men taking do it yourself to a whole new level building a rocket ship in their backyard, as you do. good morning. >> they're amazing. they get the parts for the rockets from the home improvement store. when you think of a space program you think of nasa or china or russia but denmark is one of the last places you expect to hear, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. lift off. >> reporter: billions have been spent blasting men into space. i've come to denmark to meet two
8:46 am
men. >> is this where the rocket is? >> reporter: trying to do the same thing at a fraction of the cost. in this shed, they created their own space program. >> it's bought on ebay, it's old and russian. >> this is our test dummy, randy. >> reporter: one day, peter will replace randy piloting a rocket he is building. >> this is your home depot basically. >> reporter: sometimes sourcing parts from his local home improvement store. >> just for high pressure air. >> reporter: what kind of conversations have you had with your wife about this? >> oh, i think she is scared, a little bit. >> reporter: she is scared but supportive. peter's wife even has a rocket ship tattoo. >> your husband is blasted into space, your first reaction to this idea? >> i was like, really, that's dangerous. >> reporter: but these guys know what they're doing. they've already fired two
8:47 am
successful test rockets and have even built a sub marine. aerospace architect christian left nasa to do this. >> this project here has certain things that nasa does not offer. we can decide what to do, when to do it. there's no congress cutting the budget. >> reporter: the two space programs -- >> lift off. >> reporter: couldn't be more different. >> mission control. >> wow. >> reporter: this is the cockpit. >> are you comfortable? >> well i feel like a russian monkey. >> reporter: but imagine being squeezed into this confined space on an amateur rocket as countdown begins. >> i have to tell you that we're not moving and i feel sick. >> well, i'm going to mark you off the candidate list. >> that rocket take off is
8:48 am
amazing, isn't it? it is a real rocket. fully sized. these guys are so driven and so determined but it may be five years before they send one of them into space because they want to sure. >> yeah. >> the wife is going to let him get in that thing? >> she says so. she is pleased that it's going to take a little time before they get to the takeoff because she is nervous. >> scared. >> do they need a driver's license or something? you can just go up into space? >> i said how come you're allowed to do this but they're taking off over the water. so i think there are some regulations. >> yeah. >> if that thing comes down in the wrong place -- >> yeah. >> and they land back in the water as well, we hope. >> yeah. >> keir, interesting, thank you. >> pleasure. coming up, we'll be back with much more. this is "today" on nbc. when our little girl was born,
8:49 am
we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school.
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(little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the two-thousand-fourteen subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we're back at 8:50, the iconic photograph the afghan girl has been seen around the world many times over and now the story is being revealed in a new book by the photographer steve mccurry. it's called untold, the story behind the photograph. jamie has the story. not only does he take beautiful pictures but he has an unusual way of taking pictures. >> we will tell you all about that. savannah, the book is an extraordinary collection of amazing imagines and the adventures behind them but it turns out we almost never even
8:51 am
saw that photo of the afghan girl. >> reporter: for the last 30 years steve mccurry has been winning awards for his stunning photographs. none are more famous than this imagine, the afghan girl. >> i knew it was a powerful portrait but i never dreamed in a million years this would become an iconic photograph. >> reporter: but now according to his new book, mccurry reveals we almost never saw the photo. at the time he captured just a few frames and wasn't even sure they were in focus. >> you had almost no time to take her picture? >> i made a few pictures and she, after a few moments, got up and walked away. and i thought, wait a minute. i'm still shooting. >> reporter: luckily, he got the shot. but at first, they picked a different photo. >> so this almost became the photo, but at the last minute, it was this. what happened? >> the picture editor at the time was in favor of this picture with her hands on her
8:52 am
face. it turned out that the editor of the magazine at the time chose that picture and in a way the rest is history. >> reporter: we almost never saw this photo. >> we came within an inch of that being on the cutting room floor. >> reporter: instead, it became one of the most famous photos in history. >> you didn't know her name? >> didn't know her name. >> then 17 years later you decide we have to find her. but you weren't very optimistic. >> i thought there's no way. and we got really lucky. it was like a miracle. she remembered my photographing her that day because it was the first time in her life she had ever been photographed. in fact, the second time in her life she was photographed is when we were reuniting with her in february of 2002. >> reporter: but what makes mccurry's work more extraordinary is something he's never talked about before, while he risks his life covering everything from war zones to monsoons, if you watch closely, you'll notice he shoots
8:53 am
differently from other photographers. instead of using his right hand, he uses his left. >> cameras are really designed for right handed people and i've always had to shoot with my left finger. >> reporter: the reason, when mccurry was 5 years old, he had a bad accident. >> i was playing on steps. i fell and the break was very unusual. there was nerve damage. it just never quite heeled properly. >> reporter: the result, he lost most of the use of his right hand but mccurry says it never occurred to him that he couldn't be a photographer. >> i've never really let it bother me. i think the lesson to be learned is you do what you have to do. you adjust and you know, with enough determination and desire and passion for your work, you just make it happen. >> you picked a profession where you go into the most dangerous places in the world. you're carrying this equipment, you need to have a steady hand.
8:54 am
have you ever thought to yourself i can't do this? >> i've always just powered through the situation and i never let my hand slow my down. >> reporter: mccurry's work speaks for itself. thousands of imagines and one he knows he'll always be remembered for. >> you know when they write your obituary, the first line is going to be? >> photographed the afghan girl. >> is that okay? >> that's fine. i'm happy with that. i think to have such a photograph is a gift. >> it really is a gift for all of us. as for the story of steve's hand, savannah, he really has never talked about it before because he doesn't want it to define him. but it is a lesson for anyone with any kind of challenge out there, just go out there and do it. >> and how extraordinary that he was able to find her after all these years?
8:55 am
>> it really was a miracle. a lot of people came through and pretended to be her, but he found the real one. >> they recognized the scar on her nose. >> there was a scar on her nose. >> amazing story, thank you.
8:56 am
>> this is the wbal tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. 27 -- 20,000 runners from all of the world will take heart in the ball tomorrow the festival downtown saturday. -- baltimore running festival downtown saturday.
8:57 am
erika brannock will serve the marathon race started. the wbal tv will have complete coverage starting at 5:00 a.m. on 11 news saturday morning an exclusive live coverage of the start at 7:55 a.m. oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, white chocolate and pumpkin. oh! pumpkin. ha-ha! pumpkin is back at dunkin' donuts. hurry in for delicious pumpkin coffees and lattes today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> we are under a flood warning until the afternoon hours. expect it rain throughout the day with high temperatures in the mid-to upper 50s to low 60s. the rain will be moderate to light, but heavy rain will be possible as well.
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